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Does your snap score increase with chat?


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For most people, Snapchat is an app to take pictures, but some creatives use it to earn handsomely. You can earn by collecting rewards that can be exchanged with cash. But it is only possible if you have a reliable profile. Like other social media platforms, Snapchat also has a following mechanism, but in Snapchat, it is the score. A good score can help you much more than your expectations. People say it increases by chat, or some say it only increases by sending or receiving the snaps. But what is the real mystery? We will explore each and everything about Snapchat scores. Keep reading to know the facts.

What does it mean Snap Score?

There is no exact formula that tells us how the snap scores work on this app. Different people have different opinions that some say it increases with the number of snaps you send or receive or the stories you upload, while others say it grows with your chat.

Anyhow, what is the formula for snap scores? Snap scores are very helpful for your Snapchat profile. The number on your profile tells how active you are. The higher scores on your profile may help you increase your credibility.

Does Snap score increase when you chat?

Undoubtedly, your score on Snapchat increases with the activities on the profile. But when considering the chat, the answer is “NO.” Your chat does not affect your scores.

How are scores calculated on Snapchat?

The algorithm for Snapchat scores calculation is secret, and the app does not reveal any formula. However, there are a few factors that affect your score calculation. As mentioned earlier, the scores increase with sending or receiving the snaps and uploading stories. There are some other factors that Snapchat also considers while calculating the scores, such as the quality of your snaps and how frequently you use the app.

How can I increase the Snap Scores?

Basically, it is 1 point if you send something and 1 point if you recieve and open something. If you send a video or use filters, etc. The snap gives a higher score, and as it seems, if you are very active and have a higher score, you will get more points for every snap as well. 

Also, when someone is viewing your stories, you get points. Or when you keep streaks with people or interact with your “best friends.”

Everyone wants to increase their snap scores faster, but there is no exact formula for that, so many are confused. We are sharing the experts’ details, which may help you quickly increase your Snapchat scores.

Use Snapchat Regularly

Using Snapchat regularly is the most straightforward way to increase your Snap Score. Your engagement with the app can help you to increase your scores. While using Snapchat, try to send snaps to your friends. Not only send the snaps but also view their snaps and give responses to their snaps. 

Send Snaps to Multiple Friends at Once

Another time-saving idea is to send the snaps to multiple friends. Snapchat offers a feature to select and send a single photo to multiple friends at once. It can help you boost your scores quickly; each time your friends open, your snap points will be added to your profile. It is an easy and fastest idea, but it only works if you have a wider circle of friends on Snapchat.

Use Snapchat’s Other Features

Your scores can also increase using other Snapchat features. Snapchat introduces many functions, such as posting a story and viewing and commenting on other snaps. If you also use these features, they can also help you to boost your scores. So, always check for the new features, use them, and check your scores. If they increase, then you must utilize the versatile features.

Engage with Popular Users

Another excellent idea worth mentioning for increasing the score is engaging with famous users. If your friends are popular, they can also help you to increase your Snapchat scores. The scores of your partner also affect your score increase; if you share your snaps with higher-scored profiles, your scores will also increase rapidly. Snapchat considers the popularity of users who interact with you and gives more scores to those who engage with influential people.

Keep Your Snap Streaks Going

Snap Streaks involves sending Snaps back and forth with a friend for consecutive days. The longer you maintain these Snap Streaks, the more points you accumulate. It’s essential to be consistent to prevent losing your streak, as starting over means missing out on potential points. Keeping Snap Streaks alive is a reliable way to steadily increase your Snap Score over time.

How can I check my SNAP scores?

Checking your snap scores on your profile is easy. Follow the steps below to see your snap scores.

  • Open the Snapchat app
  • Scroll down the camera screen
  • Check for the username; here, you will see the scores next to your username.

How can I see my friend’s score on Snapchat?

Seeing your friend’s score on Snapchat is easy. Follow the steps below to check your friend’s scores.

  • Open Snapchat app
  • Go to friends section
  • Tap on the specific friend whose score you want to see
  • Once the profile opens, you will also see the score with the username

Are high scores on Snaps a red flag?

No, there is no issue because there are many users on Snapchat who have millions of scores, but they are okay. It depends on factors. A fast boost may raise a flag, but overall, there is no red flag on high scores.


Snapchat scores can affect your Snapchat profile. It shows your engagement on this app, which may help you become an influencer. If you are struggling to increase your Snapchat scores, there are many ways to increase them, as we shared above. But there is no evidence about increasing the scores with chat. So, if you want to increase scores, share snaps with friends and respond to their snaps.


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