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How to use After Pay on Amazon?


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When it comes to trusted online selling platforms, Amazon has no match. It offers a variety of features that make it worth considering for online purchases, and its flexible payment system makes it one of the trusted platforms to join.

You can even shop when you do not have funds in your account. You may be surprised to hear that, but it is true. Have you heard about After Pay service? Yes, this is the solution.

You can make purchases using the After Pay service on Amazon. Feeling excited? Well, now you have a question, how to use After Pay on Amazon? Do not go anywhere, below is our guide to help you at every step.

Can you Pay on Amazon using After Pay Service?

There is no direct method of purchasing on Amazon using the After Pay Service. However, if you connect the After Pay app with Amazon, it may allow you several ways to make payments. By connecting the After Pay app, you can pay for the purchase on Amazon.

How to Use After Pay on Amazon [ Step-by-Step Guide]

Using After Pay on Amazon offers several benefits. However, to use it on Amazon, follow the easy steps given below. 

Step 1- Sign Up 

First of all, you have to sign up for After Pay. For this, visit After Pay.com. After providing the essential details, such as your name, address, email address and verified cell number, you can sign up. 

Step 2- Add Amazon Account

Now you have an account with After Pay, it’s time to add the Amazon account to the After Pay platform. But remember Amazon does not directly support it, but you can use a single-use payment method or gift cards.

Step 3- Link Amazon to the After Pay

Now, sign in to your account and go for the “ Link New Account” options on the screen. From the list choose an Amazon account and enter your login details. 

Step 4- Use Single-use Payment

After that, on your Amazon checkout, select “Add a payment method.” After that, choose “Add a credit or debit card” and tap “Buy Now Pay Later.” Ensure the single-use payment option is activated. After Pay will process your payment, and you can place the order.

Step 5- Use Gift Cards

However, if you do not use a single-use option, go for the alternative option “ Gift Cards”. Buy gift cards on After Pay using their payment plan. Shop on Amazon and use the gift card details at checkout.

Step 6- Payment Schedule

After Pay allows payments over four equal parts every two weeks. First payment is immediate, with subsequent payments every two weeks until the balance is cleared.

Step 7- Payment Flexibility

You may have insufficient funds, no worries. If unable to make a payment, log in before the due date and reschedule. No interest, fees, or upfront costs if payments are on time.

Why can I not use After Pay?

It may occur for several reasons. Some of the possible reasons may be you have crossed the transaction limit of $2000 or exceeded your credit limit of $3000. You may also have insufficient funds in your account. Another possible cause can be due to restrictions on use due to your location or problem with other details.

How to pay with After Pay?

Paying through After Pay is pretty simple. You have to register with the After Pay. If your account is created go to your favorite online stores that are included in After Pay directory and make a payment for purchases.

How can one Qualify for the After Pay?

After Pay is not for everyone. To get this service, you must fulfill their criteria. After Pay service is only for those who fulfill the criteria below.

  • You must be a resident of any of the States of the USA or from the District of Columbia.
  • Your Age should be at least 18 years.
  • To take this service, you must have a valid and verified email address and cell number.
  • You should be capable of making contracts legally.

How to get $ 3000 on After Pay?

For a new user, the After Pay limit is only $600. Anyone can use this facility without any credit check with other financial institutions. However, if you provide your expenses and income tax details, it can be enhanced. After a regular use of services and timely payment you can avail a limit up to $3000.

Can you use the After Pay facility without a bank account?

No, the service is only available for those with a bank account. Furthermore, you also have a checking account, it does not accept saving accounts. If you have a checking account with a bank, by providing its details you can take the After Pay facility.

How does After Pay work the first time?

Using After Pay is pretty easy; for the first, you only need 5 minutes to download its app and then register with After Pay. You will get approval in only 5 minutes. After getting approval, you can use $600. Just after getting approval, you can use it in any of the stores in their directory.

What is the maximum After Pay limit?

The limit starts from $ 600, which is exceeded over time. If you are credible you can get enhancement over time. If you are good at your repayments, you can avail a maximum of $3000 limit. 

Is After Pay only online?

You can use After Pay to shop in our app and stores. However, some stores, like the ones listed here, can only be accessed through our mobile app. To shop at these stores using After Pay, you must download the After Pay app on your iOS or Android device.

Is there another app like After Pay?

Affirm is like After Pay but even better because there are no extra fees or hidden costs. It’s easy to understand, and you can plan your payments without surprises. Affirm helps you make smart money choices and lets you pay for things in smaller parts.

Final Words

After Pay is an excellent option to use to purchase from Amazon, even if you have nothing in your account. This service makes it simple and handy, especially in emergencies. It offers you a maximum of $3000 limits that extend with better repayment behavior. You can make purchases at various online and offline stores in their directory. But make sure you fulfil the After Pay eligibility criteria.


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