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Where can I stream UFC fights ? [ top 12]


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UFC is a martial arts game that has millions of fans worldwide. Everyone is crazy to watch their favorite game. Some lucky people get the chance to enjoy a live game among the crowd at the game venue. But what for the others? Surely, no one wants to miss to support their players in the game.

So, it remains always a concerning question: How could I watch UFC fights live stream. If you are here for this, you are the lucky one because we will share helpful details, including the list of channels, free UFC Streaming sites, and ways to watch UFC fights. It allows you to enjoy UFC fights from everywhere.

What Channels to Watch UFC Fights?

Everyone wants a hassle-free game watch experience. If you are curious about video quality, and want no ads, then paid channels are the best options for you. Here we have listed the few best channels where you can enjoy high quality UFC fights streaming.


To watch UFC fights like UFC 295, no need for pricey TV packages. ESPN+ lets you stream UFC and pay-per-view events without the big bills. Beyond MMA, it’s packed with college basketball, La Liga soccer, and PGA Golf. Just sign up monthly ($10) or yearly ($100) and dive in. New subscribers get a $55 discount with a year of ESPN+ and UFC 288 PPV for $125. Use it on smart TVs, phones, PCs, and gaming consoles.

Hulu With Live Tv

Hulu’s Live TV package costs $70 monthly, including ESPN+ and Disney+. It offers 85+ live TV channels, ideal for cord-cutters. Additional channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz can be added for extra fees. If you prefer streaming apps, consider The Disney Bundle for $13/month, featuring ad-supported Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+. Both options allow UFC event viewing, including pay-per-view like UFC 295.

Fubo TV

You can also enjoy UFC fights on Fubo TV. Fubo with Live TV does not show UFC main events directly. FuboTV offers various plans, starting at $32.99/month, with over 150 channels. FuboTV now includes PPV access, expanding its reach. However, UFC’s numbered events are solely on ESPN+. Subscribing at $10.99/month is essential, plus an extra $79.99 for each PPV event. 

Top 12 UFC Streaming Sites[ Free]

Uh! Are you looking for the free options to enjoy UFC fights? No worries, we have also many reliable sites to share with you to enjoy the best UFC streaming experience for free.

  1. First Row Sports

First Row Sports is a free streaming site where sports enthusiasts enjoy UFC fights without paying. The site offers various sports like football, soccer, and tennis without needing any sign-up. It’s easy to access from any device with a browser.

Users appreciate its live scores, HD streaming, and links that regularly update for smooth viewing. Subscribing to the site is optional, and it highlights both upcoming and recent UFC streams. Additionally, users can adjust timezone settings for the FirstRowSports clock.

  1. UFC YouTube Channel

YouTube, a top streaming platform, hosts an exclusive UFC channel. Watch live UFC matches or catch up on past fights hassle-free. Interact by liking, commenting, and creating a personal UFC playlist. 

The site’s user-friendly layout helps you navigate effortlessly. Be cautious of occasional pop-up ads and ensure safety by using a reliable VPN while streaming.

  1. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is an online hub for diverse content, from sports to news. Hosting 150+ channels, it includes big names like ESPN and Sky Sports. Specifically tailored for UFC events. It offers hassle-free access without account sign-ups or software installations. 

The site flaunts a straightforward design and a handy search bar for pinpointing live UFC streams. Users can catch upcoming matches in HD without fuss. But frequent pop-ups and security risks pose downsides to an otherwise smooth experience.

  1. MamaHD

MamaHD gives diverse entertainment choices, including UFC free streaming, boxing, WWE, and Formula 1. Their site offers fighter-specific searches for easy stream access, ensuring alternate options if needed. Categories organize content, requiring user registration for UFC live streams. Live match messaging is available. 

Pros include a user-friendly, minimalist design, custom commentary, and categorized viewing. Yet, malicious redirection and phishing risks exist. While it offers abundant entertainment. However, for a safe experience we recommend you be careful especially when clicking on links that appear in popup ads.

  1. 720pStream

720pStream is a free site for watching UFC fights live. It showcases various sports like NFL, NCAAM, NHL, boxing, and MMA matches. The highlight is HD quality streams. Though ads pop up on the homepage, they’re the primary adverts. To catch UFC, head to the MMA section. 

The site boasts diverse cage fighting events from Fight Night, One World MMA, SuperFight, and Fight Pass Glory. No signup is needed to enjoy UFC on any device. Engage with fellow viewers and relish HD links for a top-notch streaming experience.

  1. SportLemon

SportLemon offers diverse sports streaming like ice hockey, wrestling, and football. While not tracking UFC games directly, it provides links to UFC fight broadcasts, similar to FromHOT. Check the designated tab for updates. 

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The site’s strengths include ample sports coverage, live event streaming, a friendly interface, and multiple viewing options. Its advantages encompass replay options, mobile compatibility, social engagement, and an updated events calendar. For UFC matches, navigate through tabs for live streaming.

  1. CricFree (BT Sport 1)

CricFree’s site hosts live UFC streams, notably BT Sport 1, airing MMA bouts. The platform offers four BT channels showcasing football, soccer, rugby, and UFC. However, it’s ad-supported and lacks HD quality. 

Despite this, CricFree is a trusted hub for online sports streaming, connecting users to diverse sports content, including the English Premier League, free-to-air networks, and premium programs, granting easy access to favorite sports from around the web.

  1. FromHOT’s

FromHot offers diverse TV shows, including free UFC streaming. Find UFC links alongside racing, football, and basketball. Search by sport type or check the list of upcoming events. It’s accessible across devices and ensures steady streaming. 

Though lacking a fighting sports category, MMA bouts hide in the “Others” section. Its awesome features include varied sports coverage, free access to live events, and high-quality real-time updates. Enjoy reliable streaming and easy access to renowned leagues.

  1. UFC Streams

UFC Streams offers HD and 4K streams for MMA, UFC, and boxing. It’s great for live fights, but lacks past fight access. It boasts superior audio-video quality and multiple camera angles for dynamic viewing. 

Real-time chat allows interaction, but archival fights aren’t available. You can’t catch up instantly here; seek other platforms for that. It’s good for live events and accessing historical data on demand.

  1. StreamGoTo

StreamGoTo offers free UFC fight streaming alongside various sporting events like basketball, F1, and football. Viewers can access pre- and post-match content, interviews, and additional features. The site allows easy exploration through category searches. 

Noteworthy features include widespread live streaming options, enabling users to reach a large online audience. StreamGoTo ensures reliable privacy safeguards and offers tools for analytics and monetization. It enhances the overall streaming experience for sports enthusiasts.

  1. Crackstreams

Crackstreams is a free UFC streaming site. Its simple layout suits newcomers. No sign-ups are needed. So, you can quickly enjoy your favorite games without wasting time on a complex registration process.

Enjoy NBA, MLB, NFL, wrestling, football, and F1 live. Find event links a day early. Plan your watch list. Get TMNT episodes. Stream NFL and NBA. New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episodes are available. This platform has something for everyone to watch.

  1. Roja Directa

Another best free platform to watch UFC fights live is Roja Directa. It broadcasts multiple games on its homepage. You can find your favorite one on the homepage. It’s simple user interface make it easy for everyone to find its related games. With few mouse clicks you can easily access your UFC fight.

However, you can use the search bar for specific matches if there are more links. Most UFC events are available on-site; if not, get redirected to another streaming source. Expect pop-up ads; safeguard yourself with a reliable VPN to avoid cyber threats. Otherwise, avoid clicking on the links that appear in the ads.

How to Stream UFC fights from different devices?

Are you looking for a guide to enjoy UFC fight streaming on different devices? We brought you a step by step guide to enjoy UFC fights on your favorite devices.

How to Stream UFC FIGHT on Xbox One?

  • First visit the Xbox Store 
  • Then type UFC Fight pass in the Xbox store’s search bar
  • Next, download the UFC Fight Pass app on your Xbox
  • Once the app is downloaded, open it on your Xbox
  • Sign In to your app, it may ask you for registration
  • Once signed In enjoy the interesting UFC fights

How to Stream UFC on Apple TV?

  • Go to UFC Fight Pass to order your PPV for watching UFC Fights
  • Click and open the Apple TV app store
  • Next, search for the UFC in the search bar
  • Click and install the available app on your Apple TV
  • Login to UFC fights pass to enjoy UFC PPV

How to Stream UFC on Amazon Fire TV?

  • Go to the home screen and look for the “App Store” Icon. Once found click on it to access the features.
  • Search for UFC in the search box to find the related app. Once found, click on the app and “ push the “ Download button to install it.
  • Click on the app and login to watch the UFC fights.

How to Stream UFC Fights on Google Chromecast?

  • Download the Google Chromecast App on your device.  No worries because it is compatible for all devices including mobile, laptop, tablet or other devices.
  • Next to that, go for the Chromecast setup, simply follow the instructions. 
  • Once done, login to Chromecast and enjoy the Live streams of UFC fights.

What to do if I could not access the website or channel on my device?

If you are living in the region where the specific channels or websites are banned you can use VPN. There are many free VPNs to access the streaming sites by changing your location. 

Download the VPN on your device and turn the location on for any country where the Channel or website offers services. Once your location is changed, you can easily access the required website or channel.

Remember: If you are using the free version of VPN, do not change location frequently because they have a limit on changing locations. If per day limit exceeds you will be unable to enjoy UFC Streaming Sites on your devices.


UFC fights are thrilling and millions of people worldwide love to watch. But the problem is that their broadcasting is limited to a few channels. Most of them are paid. However, thanks to some free UFC streaming sites where you can enjoy free streaming of your favorite games. But sometimes, you need to install a VPN to access the sites. Remember to prevent yourself from fake links when watching on Free sites.


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