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How Late Does Amazon Deliver?


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Amazon is a good platform where you can purchase unlimited products. Usually its services are excellent and you get the delivery of your products on time. But however, due to some problems you may experience late delivery issues. How late does Amazon deliver?

The delivery from Amazon can be late due to various reasons, so to get an estimated late time and reasons keep reading our blog below. It may help you to get an idea how late your delivery can be from Amazon.

Does Amazon deliver orders late?

Amazon’s delivery time depends on the category and factors of the order. Its factors include the type of delivery service, the location of the delivery address, and the time of ordering. Amazon offers several delivery options to accommodate the preferences.

Let us know if you have established primes for better delivery services like Amazon Prime. Its deliveries are often made within two days or even on the same day. But remember that it is even for eligible items and locations. However, specific delivery times may not always be guaranteed, especially during peak periods like bad weather or high order volumes.

Additionally, Amazon also provides scheduled delivery options for specific products. It also allows customers to choose a convenient delivery time slot during checkout.

How late does Amazon deliver?

Amazon does not deliver late on casual days, but the deliveries could be delayed on specific days. 

  • Late Delivery on Holidays

You may face late delivery on Amazon during the holidays. Amazon entends its order’s delivery time to late at 10 pm. However, it ensures its customers get their orders promptly.

The delivery could be late on memory days like Labour Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Parent’s Day, etc. The specialty of these special days strikes the order’s delivery.

  • Late Deliveries on Groceries

Amazon Fresh, catering to grocery deliveries, operates between 8 am and 8 pm for Prime and non-Prime members. Non-Prime members can expect their groceries within 5 hours of ordering. Prime members enjoy a series of 2-hour delivery schedules throughout the day.

  • Weekday Deliveries

On weekdays, Amazon extends its delivery time until 10 pm for standard orders. Upon arrival, delivery personnel will attempt to reach you via knocking, ringing the bell, or calling. If you have not received any response for unscheduled deliveries or those not requiring a signature, the package will be left for your convenience.

However, for scheduled or signature-required orders, deliveries cannot exceed 8:00 pm, and if contact cannot be made with the recipient. The parcel will be rescheduled for delivery between 8 am and 8 pm.

  • Late Delivery on Weekends

Amazon’s delivery schedule varies depending on whether it is a weekend. On Saturdays, deliveries typically conclude at 8:00 pm for non-Prime members. But if you are a Prime member, you can extend this to 10:00 pm by selecting a late delivery preference. 

However, Sundays see Amazon partnering with third-party carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS, which can affect delivery times with the standard cut-off.

Why Sometimes Amazon Delivers Lately?

Amazon is a trustworthy app, and every Amazon buyer expects it to be delivered on time. But sometimes Amazon delivers late because of several reasons and situations. Here, we found the main reasons that cause late delivery on Amazon.

  • Increasing Orders

The sudden increase in online shopping, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. People started to shop online because of pandemic restrictions. Although restrictions have been lifted, many individuals still prefer online shopping. 

This sudden increase of orders can strike the delivery drivers which makes the deliveries challenging for them to deliver on time. However as Amazon is a convenient shopping platform, it tried to provide its best.

  • Insufficient Staff

Another reason for the late delivery of Amazon orders is their insufficient staff. Amazon may not always have enough available staff to handle the volume of deliveries. It leads to increased workloads for the existing staff. 

This situation forces them to rush through their routes, potentially causing delays in delivering orders. However, Amazon arranges sufficient staff to improve their performance and accessibility immediately.

  • Unexpected Turns

It is a natural thing that sometimes Amazon’s delivery staff could be facing unexpected turns on the route. These turns, like traffic, bad weather, emergencies, and breakdowns, cause late deliveries. 

Amazon tries to handle these ups and downs immediately. But sometimes, these uncontrollable turns obstruct the timely delivery of packages despite the best efforts of both Amazon and its delivery partners.

  • Inaccurate information

Sometimes, Amazon delivers your order late because of inaccurate information. If you provide an inaccurate Amazon address, building number, or phone number, your order will be late. In this situation, Amazon will fail to deliver orders on time.

  • Stock Status

The availability of the product affects the delivery of the order. If the ordered item is available in Amazon stock, it will make your delivery fast. Otherwise, you will face a delay in delivery until the order is available. 

What happens if your order is delivered late from Amazon?

You can claim a shipping fee refund if your order is delivered later than the delivery date. However, it is only when you get late delivery on the promised order that they guarantee delivery on time.

How accurately does Amazon deliver on Time?

Usually, their delivery time is okay because they have advanced logistics and tracking systems, which ensure delivery on time. There is no issue in most cases. However, it may get late at some unusual times.

Final Words

Amazon delivers their order on time. But due to some common issues or sometimes unusual events, you may get your orders delivered late. If it happens, you can avail shipping fees and return facility for specific orders. We have guided you with the expected late delivery and its reasons. You should consider these and try to prevent such issues when placing an order on Amazon.


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