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How to run steam games as an admin?


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Are you a game lover and looking for the best platforms then you will not find the best than the steam. It has become the top choice for game lovers. You can find hundreds of games with a few clicks.

Steam allows you to download and play games online. However, some games need you to play it as an admin, or they also need it when facing errors in a game. You need to fix the problem using admin rights.

But the important thing is that can you run Steam games as an admin? Stay here and explore the facts.

Is it possible to run Steam Games as an administrator?

Yes, you can run the Steam game as an administrator. You may not find any option in the link you downloaded from the platform. However, if you go to the folder in your download folder, you will find the games.exe file here. You can run that file to access the game as an admin. We will share multiple methods to run the Steam game as an admin.

How to run the steam game as an admin[ Easy Methods]

Method 1: Run the game using administrator rights

  • To run Steam games using administrator rights, follow our below instructions
  • Make sure you have downloaded the game; check and ensure, otherwise, first download the game on your PC.
  • Then explore the Windows explorer and search for the folder below

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common

  • When you enter this folder, you will see all the downloaded games from the Steam platform.
  • Now open the game folder and locate the game you want to run as admin. Click on game .exe file in the folder and click the option “ Run as administrator.”

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Method 2: Always run a specific game as an admin.

To run a game always as an admin follow our below steps.

  • Ensure you have the game on your PC and then locate the “ C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common” in Windows Explorer.
  • From the list of available games in the download folder, right-click on the game.exe file of the game you want to run as admin. 
  • Now from the menu available on-screen, choose “ Properties”
  • Here, switch to the “ Compatibility” tab and then go to settings. In the settings menu, look for the “ Run this program as an administrator” once found click on it and then tap the apply button.
  • After that right, click on the game.exe file and choose “ Send To> Desktop; it will create a shortcut on the desktop. Now, you can play it any time as an admin by clicking on the shortcut link you have created.

Method 3: Use Search Box to run a game as an admin

Here is a quick method to run a Steam game as an admin: follow these two simple steps and run any game as an admin.

  • In your PC search box, search for Steam.
  • Now, click on the found folder and click “Run as administrator.” It may take a few seconds to complete the process. Once done, you will be able to access it as admin.

Are Steam games safe?

When we talk about safety, it has two perspectives. The first one is its content, while the other one is safe for your device or data.

Usually, there is no issue with the Steam game content; it is safe. However, for more safety, steam games have limitations on age, and you must be 13 years old to access the games from Steam. But most of their games are safe for the kids so no need to be worried.

Now, the second thing is your data and device safety. You also do need to be worried because if you buy the game from the Steam platform it is entirely safe. You do not need to be worried about your data hacking or corruption of files on your device.

Final Words

Steam games are a safe and reliable platform to download and play games. It offers games for everyone, from kids to seniors; everyone can download and play games from Steam. However, sometimes you need to access the games as an admin to play or fix the errors. You have many methods to access the games using administrator rights. Follow any of the above shared methods and enjoy the best gaming experience with Steam.


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