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How to find the serial key of any Software?


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Do you know about premium software? We think you know it well so that you are here. If you are here, it means you are looking for the product key for your premium software.

You may need it for various reasons, such as installing a premium version but do not have the key. You may also require the serial key to activate a premium version you buy, but you do have the key now.

Whatever the reason, you will be unable to activate it until you enter the correct key. You can purchase it, but if you do not want to, stay here. We will help you with some tricky ideas to find the serial key for any software.

Take a cup of tea, read our instructions below, and activate your premium software.

Tricky ways to find the serial key of any software

You can apply many ways to grab the correct serial key of the software. Below, we also share with you Let’s read and explore

Method 1: Google Search

It is a simple method, go to the Google search bar and search for your specific software serial keys. You will find the list of many serial keys. Once you have the list of serial keys, try them one by one. If the correct key is included, your software will activate when you enter. But remember, it’s up to your luck, you may find it in a few minutes or even spend a long time to find the correct key. However, if you want some more help to search, below is our guide for you to search on Google.

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Go to Google search and search for your software name with an added prefix code. Like Photoshop 94FBR, once you tap the search button, you will get a list of many serial keys. Try these keys and activate your premium software.

Method 2: Use key finder Software

On the internet, you have solutions for everything; it only needs some effort and the right approach. Search for the key finder Software on the internet. Once you find software, use it to find the premium keys for your software to help.

However, it is an issue people download the wrong software, which is only a waste of time. To prevent such situations, we suggest you take recommendations from some experienced person or ask for help from discussion forums about the trustworthiness of a key finder Software.

Method 3: Use key finder websites

Another good way to find serial keys for software is to use key finder websites. Many websites can help you to find the serial key for your software.

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Search for the serial key finder websites with your software name on Google. Once you find the website, try to find the serial key from that website. 

Method 4: Ask for help on online discussion forums

There are many helpful discussion forums that can help you to find serial keys. You can ask for help finding the serial key. If there are experts, they will help you.

However, there may be some people who have the premium key. If available can help you with the correct key to activate your premium software.

Method 5: Use Cracked software

Finally, cracked software can be an excellent alternative to your premium tool. However, risk is involved, so you should be careful when downloading cracked software. 

We suggest you only download from a trusted crack site to prevent risk. Otherwise, avoid it because you may get a virus, or your data may be hacked. So make a careful choice.

Method 6: Use the Trial version

If you want to enjoy the premium features, purchase it because almost all software gives you a few days’ trial period, and after that, deduct the price. So, for a temporary solution, use the trial version, and when you get the premium key, use it and activate the version with you.

How to activate any software without a serial key?

You surely get the Serial key when buying software from a premium source. But some software is also available on free websites; you can also search for these software on those free websites. If you download from such websites, no key will be needed to activate.

There are many websites from where you can download free software. Some common free software sites are Filehippo, filehorse, Softpedia, ninite, and many others.

Final thoughts

A serial key is a must thing to activate premium software. However, over time, you may need a serial key for several reasons, such as lost or wanting to activate the premium software for free. There are many sources from where you can get the serial key for free to activate the premium software on your device. We also shared six easy methods with you.


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