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Volume Automatically Goes Down: How to fix it?


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Electronic devices and problems are side by side. You often face problems such as “ volume automatically goes down” even if you have an expensive phone. Fixing it is essential to enjoy smooth sound. How to fix the volume automatically goes down issue?

Check for the volume button, software problems, corrupt Android files, and faulty apps. Fix according to the issue you identified. However, it may also help to restart the phone or boot the safe mode, factory reset or other such DIY ideas.

Troubleshooting the problem is pretty easy. Only follow the detailed instructions and fix it in a couple of minutes. 

Why Does Volume Go Down on an Android Phone?

The problem of volume down automatically can be due to many culprits. However, among the few major reasons, it can be due to the following reasons.

  • Problem with the Volume Button
  • Software Glitch
  • Corrupted Android files
  • Problematic Apps
  • Faulty Volume Buttons

How to Fix: Volume Automatically Goes Down [Problems & Solution]

Problem 1: Problem with Volume Button

A volume button issue may cause the problem to automatically volume down on your Android. Check for the volume button and fix it.


  • When the volume is down, check the volume button, press the volume upside, and let it for a few minutes.
  • After a few minutes, check for the volume; if the volume is down, again press the volume upside. If it is low and increases, you have an issue with the volume button
  • Check the button for dirt and clean it
  • If problems still exist, go for replacement. For replacement, it is better to take professional assistance.

Problem 2: Software Glitch

Software problems such as outdated software needing an update or software corruption can be the culprit. If it happens, you must check the software issues.


  • Go to your phone settings and then the software
  • Make sure there is no update for your phone software. If an update is available, update it and check it.
  • If no update is available, delete the software and reinstall the software for volume on your phone
  • Once installed, inspect and ensure the problem has been fixed

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Problem 3: Corrupted Files

Check for corrupt files, such as broken or damaged files on your phone. Find and remove the corrupt files to fix the volume issue.


  • You can use the cleaning software to find the corrupt files.
  • Install cleaning software; there are many cleaning software on Google PlayStore you can download them for free
  • Run the scanning, and if the corrupt files are clean, it
  • Once cleaned check and ensure the problem has been removed

Problem 4: Problematic Apps

You may also face the volume down issue only for the specific apps. Check and ensure if apps have the issue to update or remove the apps.


  • Check the volume function for different apps installed on your phone
  • If the problem is only for the specific apps, check for these apps’ update
  • If updates are required, update them; if the problem still exists, delete the app and reinstall them
  • Once reinstalled, check and ensure the problem solution

Problem 5: Faulty Volume Button

One of the significant and most occuring causes for the automatically volume down issue is a faulty button. If it is, fix it to remove the problem.


  • Check for the volume button wear and tear
  • If there is a physical damage, your volume button needs replacement
  • You can replace it if you have the basic skills to replace the button. However, if you are not confident and cannot find the perfect replacement, get professional help to fix the issue permanently.

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What other DIY ideas can fix the Volume Automatically Goes Down problem?

The causes for the volume button going down can be any; however, sometimes you can also fix the problem by applying a few DIY ideas. You can also try the below ideas to fix the problem immediately.

  • Restart your Android phone; most of the time, the problems are fixed once you restart the phone
  • Disable the volume Warnings notification; it may also work.
  • Try to turn off the adaptive sounds on your smartphone.
  • You may have activated the ring gradual features; if they are on, disable them
  • Uninstall the problematic app, if needs find some alternative apps
  • Check and ensure the phone is not connected to Bluetooth, if connected, disconnect it
  • Reboot your phone into safe mode
  • Check for antivirus if installed, and deactivate it
  • You may also need to do a Factory reset to get rid of the problem.

When to call Professional Help?

Try all the above ideas to fix the problem, if you have tried all but the problem cannot be fixed. It is better to get professional help instead of wasting time. You also prefer professional help when you need some hardware replacement.

Final Words

Fixing the “Volume automatically goes down” can be easy if you identify the cause. Once you have troubleshooting the cause, fix it accordingly. However, if you are not confident in your skills, prefer professional services over DIY solutions. But before that, make sure you have tried everything guided above; it will save time and money.


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