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A Guide to clone an app on Android


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App cloning has certain benefits to you. You can keep many copies of similar apps to enjoy different settings of the same app on your Android phone. Cloning apps is not a complex job if you follow the right approach and the best app cloner for Android. How to clone an app on Android?

Install the APK app cloner and register to it. Next, go to App Cloner and choose the app you want to clone. Make customization and complete the process. Once done, install the cloned app and open it to access its functions.

Here, we will teach you the easy ways to clone the app. Read all the steps carefully and clone the apps you want on your Android phone.

How to Clone an App? [ Step-by-Step Guide]

Cloning an app is pretty simple; you only need to have a reliable cloner app on your phone. There are many apps on Google Play store to download, but you may need to pay a few bucks for their activation. However, you can search the internet to find the best cloner apps in APK for free. But make sure the app you download is from a trusted source.

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If you are ready to clone an app on your Android phone, follow our steps below and clone any app perfectly.

Download the app Cloner

The first thing is first, you need a cloner app to clone the apps on your android phone. Go to the internet and search for the Cloner app. Usually, the top website on the first page is a reliable source. However, for more accuracy, research and ensure the website is trusted.

Click on the page and enter the website. Look for the download option for your selected app, cloner app, and download it on your phone.

Install the cloner app

Once you have completed the download, go to your download folder and locate the APK file for the app cloner. Right-click on it and install it on your phone. Once you click on Install, the process will start; process can be a few minutes, depending on your internet connection and your device strength.

Open the app

Now click on the app and open it. It may ask you for registration using your email, etc, to register and get access to its functions. 

Choose the apps

Now go to its cloning adoption; you will have the menu for cloning the app, and when you click, a list of installed apps will be on your screen. Choose the app that you want to clone.

Give a different name

Now, give the name of the app you are going to clone. It should be different from the existing one because it will be easier for you to find it on your phone. Once you have named it, click on the “ OK” button.

Set the Icon color

Now you will get access to make some settings; you have the choice to give a different or customized color for its icon.

Clone the app

Once you have customized the app you will clone, press the “ OK” button to start the cloning process. When you press the okay button, a warning message will appear on your screen to tell you, “Maybe your cloned app may not work properly.” Continue the process.

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After you click, the process will start. It may take a few minutes, depending on the app size. 

Install clone app

After completion of the process, you will be asked to install the cloned app on your phone, click and install it.

Use the cloned app

Finally, after installation, enter the app and use your cloned app

Why to clone an app?

Well, before cloning, you want to know why you should clone an app. App cloning is done for various reasons, and you may enjoy specific benefits of cloning the apps. 

  • Cloning an app can help you to save your time and get rid of switching between different apps or accounts.
  • You get more options to customize the colors and settings of your apps
  • You get rid of getting updates because you have a separate app that is only in your rights
  • It enables you to keep different versions of the same app; you do not lose the older version with an updated version.
  • You can give the apps different names.


Cloning apps bring customization benefits for the users, and you also get rid of continuous updates. However, it is not a complex job if you have the right cloner. Find an APK cloner app on your phone and clone the app following the above steps. We hope your experience will be great.


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