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Why is an IP Grabber a must tool for you?


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An IP grabber is a private tool that lets you grab IP addresses and collect the statistics. With a simple mechanism, you can extract the IP address of any of the devices. Nowadays, it is a debate about its legality, but if you use it with good intentions, it is an excellent tool. People use it for various good purposes; it may also help you. Stay with us; we will tell you why you need an IP grabber and also show you the few best IP grabbers.

Why do you Need an IP Grabber?

The general purpose of an IP grabber is to extract the IP addresses of different devices. After collecting the IP addresses, you can locate the device’s location. 

Marketers, businesses, Govt officials, Network providers, and other individuals use IP grabbers. The marketing agencies, bloggers, website owners, and businesses can benefit more from this tool than the others. They can know the location of the customers or visitors to know their target areas.

After knowing the targeted customers and their location, businesses can offer better services, such as providing information in their local language. Businesses also increase their focus on the specific area to provide the products or services that are specialized for the interested people. Government law enforcement departments also use the IP grabber to know the location of the criminals to control the discipline and ensure their people’s safety.

Nowadays, IP grabbers are used by hackers, but they are also excellent tools to use against them. Using an IP grabber, you can extract the IP address of the hacker’s device. It helps you to know their location so you can take action against them. It prevents you and your business from hacking data or other security threats. 

An IP grabber lets you collect information such as username, country, internet service provider, operating system, hostname, browsers, and more.

People use it to understand better the traffic on their blogs, forums, and websites. They can know from what location people visit. After knowing that, they can add data related to specific major groups of visitors to bring more traffic to improve their business growth.

4 Best IP Grabbers Tool [ Free and Paid]

Nowadays, the market is full of IP Grabbers, but only a few are worth using. We have listed the 4 best IP Grabbers for you that may help you extract the IP addresses of remote devices in a couple of seconds.


Grabify is at the top of our list. It is a free web-based IP address-extracting and URL-shortening tool. It lets you create a shortened link that you can share with others. If they click the link, they will get the IP address, location, operating system, and web browser information.

The tool has a friendly user interface that is easy to understand for everyone. It is also compatible with all devices and browsers. The tool offers an “ Invisible Image Logger” feature that allows you to track the user details using an image. You can create a short link with the image, and once clicks on that image, you will get their information.

Another feature worth mentioning is the IP Lookup Tool, which lets you know the country, city, state, and internet service provider details using an IP address. There are many other features included which can help you.

Open Tracker

Our second selection is Open Tracker. It is one of the oldest players in the market, widely used for IP extracting. Freelancers, large enterprises, and small businesses widely use the Open Tracker.

It has become one of the most trusted tools to track and look up IP addresses. The tool provides a real-time analytics feature that makes it unique. It offers unique features, such as tracking unique visitors, real-time reporting, cross-domain tracking, and conversion reporting.

Its real-time reporting features help you to track IP addresses and view the data historically and in real-time. We also choose this tool because it allows you to extract the IP addresses in a bunch. It can save your time. With a few clicks you can collect multiple IP addresses information such as OS, browser and device.

IP Logger

IP logger is another IP address grabber tool in the market that help you in extracting unlimited IP addresses and user information for free. It is one of the simple tools that is easy to understand; even a new user can easily understand.

It is one of the best alternatives to Grabify and provides a similar service. You can generate the URL to share it with others to grab their IP address. With a few seconds, it gives a shortened link to track and access data.

It also allows you to choose between URL types and switch between tabs. You can export the collected IP addresses. IP logger is a top choice for advanced data and metrics for analytics and marketing. It provides information about the country, cities, browsers, and devices.


Bit.ly is our final selection, one of the best IP grabber and URL shortener tools. It is equipped with powerful tools to collect information from remote devices. Many businesses and marketing agencies are using that tool to collect essential data.

It comes with data export features to provide you with deeper insights. Its easy and colorful user interface makes it simple to operate for every individual. You do not need any special skills to deal with it. It also generates QR codes and creates links in bios for social media users to allow them to add clickable links.

The tool is available in free and paid versions. The free version has some limited features. But if you want to access the advanced features, subscribe to the paid version.


IP grabbers are a blessing tool to meet analytics needs. Marketing agencies, businesses, security departments, bloggers, and website owners use IP grabbers to obtain essential information from users. We have provided you with the best IP grabbers; you can choose any depending on your needs and preferences. All of those mentioned above are excellent and reliable performers in the market.


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