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Why Telegram not sending Code [ Easy Fixes]


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Telegram sends the code to your registered number to verify your number of emails while registering on Telegram. The purpose is to ensure the account creator’s genuineness and ensure no bot is creating the account.

But due to some problems, you may not get the code. Until you receive the code, you cannot further process your account creation. If you are looking for solutions, stay here. We will explain why Telegram not sending code and ways to fix this issue.

Why Telegram not sending code[ Major Reasons]

Here is the list of the top 3 causes when Telegram not sending code to your email or number.

  • You may have a problem with your SIM card network. If your SIM card experiences a network error, it won’t receive Telegram’s SMS. If it is, it leads to the appearance of a Telegram issue when it’s a SIM problem.
  • Another cause is a wrong phone number. Entering the wrong phone number means the code goes to the added number, not yours. Also, if the SIM for the added number is inactive or absent, you won’t get the code.
  • Telegram server overload or a glitch in your phone can disrupt SMS reception. High server load may delay code delivery, while phone glitches can hinder receiving the code.

Easy Fixes When Telegram not sending Code

1. Verify your network connectivity

Telegram’s code delivery relies on network connectivity. Poor signal strength or network issues might hinder SMS reception. Ensure a stable cellular signal; restart your device or relocate to an area with better coverage. Weak signals can impede code delivery, causing delays in receiving the SMS verification.

Restarting your device can refresh the network connection, aiding in the prompt delivery of the SMS code. Additionally, verifying your network settings or switching to a different network mode might resolve connectivity issues.

2. Input the correct phone number

Entering the correct phone number during registration is crucial. Mistyping digits can prevent SMS delivery. Take time to enter your number accurately, and if an error occurs, Telegram allows you to edit the number before confirmation. Verifying the correctness of the entered number is essential to ensure code delivery.

Telegram prompts users to verify the entered phone number before proceeding, enabling edits if an error is detected. Correcting the number before verification enhances the likelihood of successful SMS code delivery.

3. Receive code on another device

Check if you are logged into Telegram on another device, as the code might be sent there first. Telegram prioritizes existing sessions over SMS delivery. If the code is received on another device, proceed with its use. If not, the option to receive the code via SMS or a phone call becomes available.

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Utilizing Telegram on platforms like Windows Desktop offers the option to receive the verification code. It helps in streamlining the sign-in process for users across multiple devices.

4. Go for on-call verification

If SMS delivery fails, Telegram initiates a call to verify the number. Waiting for the SMS timer to end or selecting ‘Call me to dictate the code’ allows for receiving the verification code through a phone call. This alternative ensures code delivery even if SMS fails.

In case of SMS delivery issues, the call option serves as a reliable method for code verification, bypassing SMS hurdles.

5. Dont request too many times

Avoid excessive tapping on the ‘Resend the Code’ option if there is a delay in receiving the SMS. Multiple requests for code resend might not accelerate the process. Instead, it could trigger a ‘Too Fast’ notification. Patience is key; wait for a few minutes before requesting code resends.

Users should exercise patience and refrain from spamming the ‘Resend Code’ option excessively. It might further delay code delivery.

6. Restart your Telegram App

Restarting the Telegram application can rectify any underlying bugs preventing code delivery. Initiating a new session through app restarts can resolve technical glitches that hinder SMS verification.

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Force quitting the app and relaunching it can refresh the application, potentially resolving issues related to code delivery.

7. Restart your device

If the device encounters difficulties receiving an SMS, a simple device restart might resolve the issue. Rebooting the device can refresh system processes, potentially enabling successful code reception.

A device restart can address underlying system issues, enhancing the likelihood of SMS code delivery.

8. Reinstall the Telegram app

As a last resort, reinstalling the Telegram app might rectify persistent code delivery problems. Corrupt app files might hinder SMS reception, and a fresh installation can resolve such issues.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Telegram app from the respective app store eliminates potential app-related glitches, facilitating successful SMS code delivery.


Telegram code is essential to verify your genuineness to process the new account. However, if you are facing issues in receiving code on your phone or email, do not worry. We have provided you with all possible causes and how to fix the issue to receive the code. Follow our guidelines and create your verified telegram account.


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