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How To Play Zelda For PC (Things You Need To Know)


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Zelda is a famous game of the 80s with millions of fans. It has had 22 series, and the first one was launched in 1986. Since then, no authentic platform for playing this game on PC has existed. Playing games on PC offers more thrill and excitement. So, Zelda for PC always remains a question for every game lover. If you are still looking for the answer, stay with us. We will explore everything with you about Zelda for PC, which may help you play this game on your PC. Let’s jump to the main discussion.

Step-by-Step Guide to Playing Zelda on PC

Playing Zelda on PC is not a piece of cake; however, if you follow the instructions below, your experience will be great.

Step 1- Download a suitable emulator

First of all, you will need to download a suitable emulator. Follow our instruction below to download emulator on your PC.

  1. Choose the emulator

When downloading an emulator, ensure you are choosing the suitable one. You should consider the essential factors before choosing an emulator. Your emulator should have excellent performance and a user-friendly interface.

  1. Download a legal emulator

we recommend you download the emulator from a reliable source; otherwise, you may not do anything other than a virus. So visit the official website only or the trusted source for the selected emulator.

  1. Ensure compatibility

Once chosen, the emulator must compare its compatibility with your system. Your operating system should be compatible with the emulator system requirements. Otherwise, you will be unable to use it.

  1. Install

If the emulator is okay with your system, go for the installation. Download the emulator and then run the installer. You will see some instructions on the screen following the instructions to enjoy a seamless Installation process.

  1. Configure Settings

The next task is the configuration of the emulator settings. Go to its settings menu and adjust the audio, graphics, and control settings.

  1. Verify Support

Remember to verify the controller support to enjoy a hassle-free gaming experience. Check and verify your emulator supports the preferred controller.

  1. Test 

Now, take a test and test the emulator with a smaller ROM to confirm the operation’s smoothness. 

Step 2- Acquiring Zelda ROMs legally

If the ROM is not supported, you can still find the solution. You will need to acquire a Zelda ROM legally.

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  • Research Legitimate Sources

Research the websites that offer the Zelda ROMs; you can also take experts’ opinions or community recommendations to find trusted websites. You can consider the official game website or Nintendo’s digital store to acquire ROM for Zelda.

  • Purchase the Game

Once you have selected a reliable website, buy the Zelda game version you want to play on your PC. But before purchase, ensure its compatibility with your PC. 

  • Download the ROM

After purchase, download the official ROM file from a legitimate source. We suggest you avoid the free sources because they sell unofficial ones that may not work due to copyright issues.

  • Extract and Organize Files:

After that, extract the downloaded ZIP or RAR file to access the ROM. Next, organize the files in a specific folder on your PC. But remember the folder because you will need it when setting up the emulator.

  • Follow Emulator Guidelines

While running, the emulator setup follows the emulator’s instructions for importing and running ROMs legally.

  • Enjoy Legal Gameplay

Once the emulator setup is launched, select the ROM and enjoy a hassle-free game. After following these instructions, you can play Zelda for PC worry-free.

Installation process and troubleshooting tips

Here, we have listed some common issues you may face when downloading the game, emulator, or required setup with troubleshooting tips. We hope it may help you.

Download and Install Emulator

  • While downloading the emulator, you may face relevancy issues. So to avoid this issue, always prefer reputable emulators such as Cemu or Dolphin.
  • Always download the emulator from an official website and only download the latest version.
  • Never forget to check the operating system and the emulator system requirements. 
  • Follow the instructions for your related Windows system. 

Find and Download Zelda ROM

Below is a list of helpful tips for downloading Zelda ROMs.

  • Only download from the legal website 
  • Always remember to check the compatibility of the emulator
  • Download the ROM in a specific folder that you can remember easily

Configure Emulator Settings

Below are the tips for following the emulator settings configuration.

  • Always check the settings; do not forget to check and test audio, graphics, or other settings to enjoy a seamless gaming experience.


Is it legal if, I to play Zelda for PC using emulators?

Yes, there is no legal issue for downloading Zelda via emulators. But make sure you have downloaded the emulator from the official or legal platforms. Also, ensure there are no copyright issues on your downloaded emulators.

What should be my system specification to play Zelda for PC?

For a smooth gaming experience, we recommend you to have at least the following below specifications of your PC.

  • Intel Core i5 of AMD Ryzen 5 Processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Dedicated graphics card (NVIDIA GTX 960)
  • 20 GB storage space 

Can I use mods and enhancements?

Yes, there is no issue with using the mods. These mods can help you to improve the gamepay experience by providing better graphics and audio effects. But make sure the mods are virus free and do not harm your devices or games. Take backup from the communities before using a mod.


Zelda is a fantastic game that can be an excellent source for you to train your mind and have fun. But it is supported by Android or Tabs. But still,, there are ways to enjoy Zelda For PC. You can get this game from the official website and download a legal emulator and ROM to play Zelda on your PC. While downloading and installing, you must follow our above guidelines to enjoy a seamless gaming experience. Please download, play and share your experience with us in the comments below.


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