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How to search out someone’s Birthday


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In the world of social media and the internet, everyone is habitual in using mobile phones and making relationships on different social media platforms. We have no time to spend our moments with those who are bothered by us who care and who have a natural and strong bond with us. In this online crowd, people forget the personal relations that he/she is having in real life.

We didn’t care about the people that are connected with us and that are deserved our attention and time. We should make our relationships strong and invest our time care and attention. All these are the real wealth that constantly increased with this wealth. However, we should take care of all minute details to give happiness to our loved ones.

Money cannot buy happiness and peace; you will find these just by investing your time, care, and attention. To surprise our loved ones make them very happy and bring smiles to their faces. If you have such experience, you can simply realize the happiness of doing so. In all these things to wish someone a birthday, can make them happy and feel something special. There are some ways to find someone’s birthday. So, keep reading.

Discover someone’s birthday by Intelius:

Intelius is an outstanding gadget to search out someone’s birthday; it is very helpful to do so with no trouble. It is much easier to use, you have to put just your loved ones’ basic description. Vast information will open in front of you that might be very helpful to you. It helps to avoid any sort of trouble. After opening Intelius in your browser you have to follow some most simple steps.

  • You just give the person’s basic information like entering first name, last name, city and state, etc. If you know about their more personal data you can put it, and if you don’t know then you can leave those fields empty.
  • Tap on the search button to start.
  • Several people willappear with the same research. You have to review by checking all profiles and click on the profile that you are looking for.
  • Discover the personal information, there may be you find a section on age and birthday date.
  • If you did not find the birthdate of the person, this platform has a paid version, where you can buy their “Background Check” report.

The paid version of this platform is very helpful and approved by the most trusted companies. Along with Intelius, there are many other online websites like Spokeo, Instant Checkmate, TruthFinder, etc.  These can directly help to find out anyone’s birthday. All these websites are simple to use and there is no difficulty in buying their paid versions which can never spoil their customer’s trust.

Search out the birthdate of your loved one by the social chain

It is the simplest way to find out someone’s birthday by using social media platforms that are used to connect people like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat Twitter, etc. These platforms show reminders to those who are enlisted as friends, if you are no longer enlisting in anyone’s friend list you can search their profile and can find out their birthdate in the data that they have given in their account creation.

You have to just open any social media account in your browser and login on it; you can get access by following 2 to 3 more simple ways. Each person is used to use more than one social media account. Everyone has access to every platform like Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc. Every application needs all personal data including date of birth to verify age that should be according to their requirements or not.

Let’s have a view on all above mentioned social media networks that how to find someone’s birthday by using them.

  • Facebook

To search for any information regarding any person, you have to log in to your Facebook account. Although Facebook is a worldwide network it has its terms and conditions, if you are unable to follow them, you can’t get access to anyone’s profile and can’t search out any particular information like date of birth. After logginginto your Facebook account, you have to search out the profile of the person whom you want to search for, tap on the “About” button, then move towards “Contact and Basic Info”, you will find their birthdate.

  • Instagram

Instagram is also the best network to find out someone’s birthday because millions of users are part of this platform. You can take a bird’s eye view of the profile of the person whom you want to search for. People post about their happenings, events, etc. You have to check their last year’s post to find out their birthday. In addition, you can check out their bios, where people put all their basic information like date of birth and the zodiac sign. It might be the best way to search date of birth.

  • LinkedIn

Although, this is a working, skilled, and mastery platform thatis used all over the world the most unique thing is that you can find out someone’s birthday if you connect with those who are valuable to you. However,this platform has a beneficial update in that it sends notifications related to their birthday. 

  • Snapchat

Snapchat is the most used and second largest software the millions of users fall in love with it madly. Moreover,it is also used as a communication platform where you can send and receive messages. You can take a view of an emoji of a cake and the user name etc. while using Snapchat that are showing you the person’s birthday. Secondly, you can search it out by looking at the birth sign that they put on their profiles.

  • Twitter

No doubt, Twitter is also used by several users and is the most famous social media platform for sharing updates. Furthermore, one can use it to find someone’s birthday. Twitter gives an option like other applications to add a date of birth that saves in the profile’s data. Anyone just needs to tap on the bubbles that show on the profile page. Twitter gives access to its users to approach someone’s birthday. 

Google is also helpful in finding someone’s birthday

Google is the most secure and highly used platform all over the world. It keeps every of his user’s data Protected and saved. If anyone is a famous person in the city and the region and state, Google will directly help you in searching for the birthdate. Google is the search engine and working man’s agent but providing the information that he wants to get. You can find someone’s birthday by using Google’s further application. You just need to follow the simple steps.

  • Open your Gmail and get access to your Google apps. Now you are supposed to search Google Contacts and click onit.
  • Find out the contact in which you are interested tap on it and search for the details. You will find out the birth date in Google Contact’s information.

The second method to search date of birth of your loved ones, you just need to open Google Calendar and check your friend’s birthday in your Gmail contacts. It is the newest update that Google introduced first time for its users. People give their personal information while making an account on any of Google’s applications.

Final Words

You can make someone’s special day more special by giving them a surprise wish on their birthday. In the world of modern technology, it is no longer difficult to search for someone’s birthday. All the above-mentioned methods are very simple to do. Additionally, it would not be wrong to say that all information is just a click away whether you want to know about any person’s personal information or any place.


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