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How to remove the cqatest app from your Phone? 


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We cannot deny that the Android system is one of the best technological inventions. But with its good features, some problems also affect its performance.

Developers are a brilliant generation who always keep experimenting. They develop a few apps on the Android phone to test the phone’s stability and performance. But they keep these apps hidden because they are designed only for the developers. These are the CQA test apps.

However, sometimes you activate such apps, which makes it challenging for the phones to maintain their performance. If you are experiencing quick performance issues on your phone, you should look for the CQA apps on your phone and remove them to get rid of such issues. 

But the problem is how? How to remove cqa test apps from your phone? We are here with you; just read our instructions and remove such apps.

What are the CQA test apps?

The CQATest app, short for Certified Quality Auditor, monitors app and widget performance on Android devices. It ensures smooth functioning, staying mostly hidden but occasionally appearing to assess system performance, detect glitches, and identify strengths and weaknesses. It also detects viruses or malware, acting as monitoring software for overall device function, ensuring everything runs properly.

How does a CQA test app get onto my phone?

The CQATest app is a hidden tool on certain phones, not visible on the regular app screen. It is a system app for diagnosing issues. If it is on your phone, it likely came pre-installed and is not something to worry about. You won’t find it in the usual app list, but if you look in the system settings, you might see it there.

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Are CQA test apps safe to use?

The CQATest app on Android is safe. It lets your phone maker see certain info like OS version and usage, but not personal data. It helps them improve phones for users. No worries, it does not share private stuff. Just some non-sensitive data for research, for better smartphone experiences.

What problems can I face if I have a CQA test app on my phone?

Having the CQATest app on your phone might cause a few problems. Some users faced issues like the home button freezing or not working well, the screen stopping frequently, and other apps like the camera not functioning properly. This app can also make your device heat up quickly, drain your battery faster, and use a lot of data and storage in the background, which might make your phone work less effectively.

How to remove the Cqa test app from your phone?

Usually, there is no issue with having such apps on your phone until you activate them. However, if you have activated it and face problems on your phone, do not worry. You do not need developers to help. Follow our instructions below and remove them from your phone.

Step 1: Go to phone settings

Start with locating the settings menu; it is easy for every user to know where the settings menu is located on the phone.

Step 2: Go for Apps Settings

Next, look for the “Apps settings” menu in the list of settings menu. Once found, click on it to enter the app settings features.

Step 3: Chose the CQA test app

When you enter the app menu here, you will see installed apps on your phone, including the CQA test apps. Choose the CQA test app that you want to remove.

Step 4: Force stop

Then, you will see the details about the selected app on the screen. Here, you will also see the option for “ Force stop.” in some phones, it is “ Disable.” click that button to stop this app from working.

Once you have confirmed the action, the app will stop working on your phone.

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But your task is incomplete; you still need to take other actions to remove it from your phone. 

Step 5: Clear from Cache Partition

  • Turn your phone off and boot it into a “ Fastboot mode” press the power and volume down button collectively. 
  • Once it is booted into the fast boot mode, the touch screen will not work, so you will need to use the volume and power buttons.
  • Navigate to recovery mode using these buttons, click the power button, and boot it into the “ Recovery Mode.”
  • Finally, choose the “ Wipe Cache Partition” using this power button.

Step 6: Perform Factory Reset

If your phone is still not working after trying the previous steps, you might want to do a factory reset. But before you do this, saving all your important stuff is essential because a factory reset deletes everything on your phone. Here’s how you do it: 

First, go to ‘Settings,’ find the ‘Reset’ option, and then click ‘Factory Reset.’ You’ll need to enter your phone password. Once you do this, your Android phone will restart and erase everything.

Final Words

The developers install CQA test apps on your phones for testing the device or app’s functions. However, if you accidentally activate your phone, it can disturb your phone’s performance. You can easily remove the CQA test app from your phone with a few steps. If you have such issues, follow our instructions and remove these apps.


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