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How to unsilence calls on iPhone?


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It is a painful experience when you miss an important call. Modern iPhone comes with a call silence feature that prevents you from unwanted calls. But it is frustrating when an important call is missed. How to unsilence calls on an iPhone?

To fix it, check for silent mode, do not disturb mode, silence unknown calls, and call ring volume. However, you may also need to check for call forward, Bluetooth or sleep mode. If any of these modes work on your phone, disable them to fix the problem.

Give us only a few minutes and learn different ways to unsilence calls on your iPhone.

Why does my iPhone Silence my calls?

You may experience call silencing for various reasons. However, the most occurring causes can be:

  • Accidental switch to silent mode
  • You may have activated the do not disturb mode
  • Another possible reason can be the activation of bedtime features
  • You may activate the Silence Unknown Call feature on your iPhone

Proven Ways to Unsilence Calls on iPhone

There are many helpful solutions that may help you to unsilence your phone. Read and try any of these to prevent missing your important calls.

Check for Silence Mode

You may have activated the “ Silent mode.” If it is activated, you will be unable to hear the calls. So, if you are facing a call silencing problem, first of all, check for the “ Silent mode.” If it is activated, deactivate it. Once it is activated, you can hear the calls. However, if you are still experiencing the problem, go for other solutions.

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Check for the “ Do Not Disturb Mode”

You may also miss important calls when your phone is on “ Do not disturb mode.” Usually people activate it to enjoy uninterrupted time. If you have checked and found that the mode is activated, turn it off. Follow the steps below and turn this mode off on your iPhone.

  • Go to your iPhone settings and click on the “ Focus”
  • Now go for the “ Do Not Disturb” and turn the toggle off. 
  • After that, go to the control center, and look for the “ Focus”
  • Click on “ Focus” and then turn the “ Do Not Disturb Silencing” off.

Turn off “ Silence Unknown Calls”

If you are still experiencing the problem check for the “ Turn off Silence Unknown calls” on your iPhone. To turn it off, follow the steps below.

  • First of all, open the settings in your phone and go to phone settings
  • Now, from this menu, choose the “ Silence Unknown calls” menu. Turn this menu off. Once done, you can hear the calls.

Adjust Ring volume

You may have an issue with Ringing volume; if the ring volume on your phone is too low, there is a chance you may miss the calls. To check and increase ring volume on your phone follow the steps below. 

  • Open your phone settings main menu and then go to Sounds and Haptics
  • From this menu, choose the Ringer and Alters
  • Now drag the slider and select the volume level you want
  • Next to that go the change with buttons and turn the volume “ON”
  • It will let to adjust the volume level for the ring call, adjust it at a level you want

Check and disable Call Forward

If you activate the Call Forward feature on your phone, it will restrict the phone calls coming to your device. So, it is also an option to check for, if it is enabled, must disable it following the steps below.

  • Go to settings and then phone settings
  • Then look for the call forwarding option and ensure it is off
  • However, if it is turned on, disable it

Disable Bluetooth

If your Bluetooth is on and your phone connects to a speaker, etc, which sounds low or off, you may also forget to disable it. Follow the simple steps below and fix the problem.

  • First, go to settings and then click on the menu “ Bluetooth.”
  • Check for the bluetooth; if it is turned on, turn it off

Check for sleep mode

If you set a sleep mode for the specific time when your important call comes. You may also miss it. So, to prevent such an issue, ensure sleep mode is off. Here are a few easy steps to turn it off.

  • Look for the Health App on your phone
  • Click on the menu “ Browse”
  • Then go to sleep mode and check the schedule you have set for your sleep. From here, you can edit the schedule or turn it off

Final Words

There are few beneficial features on the iPhone that help to prevent you from disturbing you. However, sometimes they may have problems and you miss the necessary calls. Look for all such enabled features on your phone. If activated, disable them and attend your every important call.


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