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How to view blocked messages on iPhone?


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Life is so busy now people count the minutes and try to save their time as much as possible. Everyone can’t read all the incoming messages on your phone. 

It is bad luck at that time that once you purchase on a digital platform, they take your number and keep sending their promotions messages on your phone. You cannot read such messages.

If you are experiencing such issues nowadays and have an iPhone, you are lucky. You can block them. But sometimes, you block a person close to you, and after a while, you wish to see blocked messages.

Is it possible to view blocked messages on an iPhone? Keep reading the below information and explore the facts.

Can you view blocked messages on iPhone?

NO, still, no such features are included in the iPhone that helps you view messages from the blocked numbers. When you block someone on an iPhone, you want someone to cut all contacts. The blocked person cannot view your messages or is also unable to contact you.

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The blocked person also cannot send you the messages. So, if someone is blocked on your phone, you cannot view such a person’s messages until the person is blocked.

Can I view blocked messages on your iPhone when you unblock them?

You will start receiving messages from a contact when you unblock it on your iPhone. Unfortunately, you will be unable to see the messages that the person sent you during the blockage. You cannot view the messages that were blocked.

How to recover blocked messages on your iPhone?

If you want to learn about recovering blocked messages on your iPhone, unluckily, there is no such way. You can only get the messages that are sent after unblocking a contact. Still, no such feature is added to the iPhone that helps you recover blocked messages. 

Is it possible to unblock someone without deleting the messages on the iPhone?

Yes, you can unblock a blocked person on an iPhone without deleting the messages. If you are interested in doing this, follow the below steps.

  • Go to the settings menu on your iPhone
  • Then go to messages
  • Next, go to blocked contacts
  • Choose the contact you want to unblock
  • Tap on it and unblock the contact

Can you retrieve the blocked messages on your iPhone?

No, retrieving the blocked messages on an iPhone is not possible. However some recovery tools may help you to recover the deleted messages, but they cannot recover the blocked messages.

The reason is that when you block someone on your iPhone, the message does not come to your phone. Until a message comes into your phone, memory cannot be recovered. Blocked messages do not appear in your iPhone’s memory, so you are unlucky for this. You cannot retrieve the blocked messages.

It might be possible if the iPhone had a feature like an Android phone. In Android phones, there are blocked folders where you can find the blocked messages. But in iPhone, no such blocked folder is available, so it is not possible.

Final Thoughts

Blocking someone is an excellent way to stop someone without exchanging harsh words. On iPhone, you can block any contacts; once you have blocked, the person cannot contact you. You will not receive or send messages. The person will also be unable to receive or send messages to you. You will also be unable to view the messages from a blocked person because the iPhone does not have such features. Even you cannot recover using iPhone function or data recovery tools.


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