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Will my phone’s alarm go off on dnd mode?


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The modern Android phones are equipped with blessed features. They have almost everything essential to keep users easy. 

When we talk about the best features of a phone, ”  do not disturb mode” is essential to come into discussion. 

You have silent mode options on the phone, but do not disturb mode gives you more advanced control. You can allow or disallow sounds for different apps. 

However, when talking about different apps, everyone asks whether the alarm will go off on DND mode? 

If you are looking for an answer, stay with us. We will explain to you in detail to clarify your question.

Will My Alarm Go Off on Do Not Disturb?

There is no exact answer to this question because it depends on your phone’s features. You may see some smartphones turn off the alarm on do not disturb mode. But for the most, there is no effect on the alarm. Your alarm will work even if you turn the do not disturb mode on.

Will My Alarm Go Off on Do Not Disturb Android?

The simple answer is no; changing the settings has no effect. Your alarm will keep working even when you have turned do not disturb mode on.

In most Android phones, alarms are designed to work correctly, even in silent or do not disturb mode. So there are more chances your alarm will work.

Will my alarm go off on Do Not Disturb Samsung?

No one can deny this fact: Samsung phones are one of the best phone brands in the market. Their phones always come with some better features than others.

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If talking specifically to the Samsung, there are specific features that allow you to turn the alarm off on do not disturb mode. In Samsung Galaxy, you have better control over features to allow or disallow the app sounds.

However, it will keep working if you do not set the alarm off to “do not disturb mode.”

How to Enable Do Not Disturb Mode on Android?

So, now you are clear about the alarm working on do not disturb mode. The next thing in your mind is how to enable it. Below is the step-by-step guide to do not disturb mode on your Android. Turn it on and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Go to your Android phone’s settings and then go for app settings on your phone.

Scroll down the settings menu list and look for the ” Sounds & Vibration” tap.

Next to that, you will see the menu for ” Do not Disturb mode.” Tap on it to enable it.

However, here you will also find the settings feature, such as allowing the apps that keep working on do not disturb mode, and you can also include the alarm to go off. You also have the option to schedule the do not disturb mode to apply automatically at the scheduled time.

So you have done it; enabling will not take more than a minute or two.

Why Did My Alarm Go Off In Do Not Disturb Mode?

Surely, you are wondering why the alarm goes off when you turn on DND mode. Here are a few major reasons that may make it not work on DND mode even if you do not turn off the alarm.

You may not hear the alarm ring when you set the alarm volume low and forget to increase it. It will ring, but you may not hear the sound due to low volume.

Another possible cause can be the wrong time or date for your alarm. While you set the alarm, you schedule the wrong date or time. If it is wrong, the alarm will not ring at your expected time. A common mistake people make while setting an alarm is using AM or PM. 

The third most occuring reason is that your alarm ring tone has low volume. The sound may be high, but if the ringtone is down, you will not hear it, even if it rings.

What happens when I turn on Do Not Disturb mode?

When you turn the don’t Disturb mode on, all the third-party apps, messages, calls, and notifications will go off.

However, it will not stop the alarm from working. Your alarm will be on if there is no problem with the alarm settings.

But some advanced Android phones have a setting for switching off the alarm; if you turn it off, it will not ring in DND mode.

Final words

Do not disturb mode is an awesome feature in modern phones that allows you a disturbance free environment. Furthermore, you also have the control to change the settings and allow or disallow the apps you want to hear from or not. However, there is no effect on the alarm until you turn the alarm off yourself when turning DND mode on.


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