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What does it mean Calling Restrictions: Things You Need to Know


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If I am not wrong, you may experience this “ The number you have dialled has calling restrictions.” This issue can occur for several reasons, but most assume that the recipient has imposed some limitations. If you experience this too frequently, it needs immediate attention to prevent frustration. To help you, I researched and brought some easy ideas to fix this issue. Stay with me to explore it and learn the simple hacks to fix this problem.

Why do I hear the number you have dialed has calling Restrictions?

1. Dialing the Wrong Number

Sometimes, a simple mistake like dialing the wrong number leads to this message. Check the number you dialed if it’s the first time you hear it. When the number isn’t saved on your phone, errors happen. Always dial the correct number first.

2. Incorrect Area Code

A wrong area code messes things up even if you dial the correct number. An incorrect area code means the call won’t connect, giving you an error message. So, before calling, make sure the area code is correct.

3. Unsupported Cellular Plan

Calling internationally might need a different plan. Your current plan might not cover the specific number you’re dialing. It could limit you to local calls only. Contact your network provider to solve this.

4. Limited Calling Area

Your number might only work locally, not outside that area. The number you’re dialing might need a roaming pack. Ask your network provider to activate roaming if needed. This should fix the restrictions message.

5. Call Restrictions

Certain operators have call restrictions preventing calls to some numbers. You might have accidentally activated this feature. Or, the person you’re calling might have restrictions set up. That’s why you’re hearing this message.

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6. Network Problems

Sometimes, it’s not about you or the number you’re calling. It could be network issues. Check by calling another number. Different error messages mean it might be a network problem.

7. Contacting Verizon

For Verizon users, this message is more common. Contact Verizon to fix this issue. They say it often happens due to restricted roaming or calls outside the local area. They should help sort it out.

8. Unpaid Bills

It affects your calls if you haven’t paid your bills on time. Telecom operators might not cut service immediately, but you won’t be able to make calls after a month. Check if your calling pack is still active.

Easy Tips to Fix Call Restrictions Issues[ DIY Ideas]

  • First, try restarting your phone. This can solve many issues quickly. It takes a few minutes, and you can solve the issue without making any changes.
  • Make sure Airplane Mode is not on. It can block calls and texts. If it is on, turn it off.
  • Update your phone’s software. New updates might fix call problems. Go to phone information and check for its software update; if required, update it.
  • Check if the Do Not Disturb mode is off. It can block calls, too, if it is on ” Off,” it.
  • Clear the app cache for the phone app. It might help. You can use any of the reliable cache cleaner apps from PlayStore.
  • If nothing else works, we suggest you try a factory reset. It is a last resort.
  • Another option is using VoIP apps. They work differently and might help.

How to Fix Calling Restriction Issues[ Professional Approach]

  1. Checking the Carrier’s Service

When faced with the error message “The number you have dialed has calling restrictions,” start by checking your carrier’s service. Follow these steps to address the issue:

  • Begin by reaching out to your carrier’s customer service department. Contact them via phone, email, or their website to seek assistance.
  • Describe the problem and the error message to the representative. They might provide insights or help fix the issue.
  • The representative may inform you about any service disruptions in your area.  In such situations, you cannot do anything else except wait to solve the issue. 
  • Ask the representative to conduct a network test during disruptions. This test can pinpoint if your device or network is having issues.
  • After a successful test, restart your phone to confirm the resolution. If the problem persists, seeking professional assistance might be necessary.
  1. Verifying the Number

It may also happen due to dialing the wrong number. So, when you hear this message, you should verify the recipient number to ensure you are dialing the correct number. Follow my simple instructions below to verify correct number.

  • Check your contacts or the internet to confirm the correct phone number before dialing.
  • Avoid typographical errors; even a single-digit mistake can cause the error message.
  • Try different formats for the number – international or local – to see if the problem gets resolved.
  • If the trouble persists, attempt the call from another phone or landline. If still unsuccessful, contact your device’s manufacturer for guidance.
  1. Checking the Call Blocking Settings

To address the calling restriction error, examine your call-blocking settings using these steps:

  • Navigate to your phone’s settings and locate call-blocking options.
  • Ensure the number you’re trying to call isn’t listed in the blocked numbers. Unblock it if found.
  • Inspect third-party apps for call-blocking settings, such as call blockers or filters.
  • If the issue persists, it might be on the recipient’s end. Ask them to check their phone’s call-blocking settings.
  1. Checking the Recipient’s Carrier Settings

If you are still unable to connect and receive the error message, consider examining the recipient’s carrier settings:

  • Explore the recipient’s phone settings for call-blocking or filtering options.
  • Check the carrier’s website for information about calling restrictions or blocked numbers.
  • Contact the recipient’s carrier directly for insights into any restrictions. Find their customer service number in their settings or online.

Final Words

When you hear a voice message on dialing a number that has calling restrictions, you may be experiencing it for several reasons. Recipients applied restrictions are a major problem, but there are many other possible causes. You should check for all following my instructions to solve the issues. Share your experience with me in the comment section to share it with other users.


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