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What does KMS mean on Snapchat?


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After the popularity and use of social media platforms, we found many slang terms. Few of them have become so popular they are used in routine chats on social media. Among the few popular slang on social media, kms is a common slang on Snapchat. Do you know what kms means on Snapchat?

KMS means “ Kill Myself” on Snapchat. People use this word to express feelings of frustration, sadness, boredom, anger, or other irritations. However, it may also mean  “ Kilometers or Key management system,” depending on the situation.

We will walk through the informative details to help you understand the meanings of KMS on Snapchat.Let’s read and explore.

What does KMS mean on Snapchat?

The meaning of any slang depends on the people who are using it and the condition for which using the kms. Its meaning can be different for different people or conditions. So, there is no exact meaning to any slang.

However, when we talk about routine use of Snapchat, the KMS is used to say, “ Kill Myself.” It is commonly used by friends or loved ones to express boredom, stress, or disgusting conditions.  

The meaning of this word is “ Kill MySelf” but it does not mean a suicide. It is only to use the deepness of sadness, depression, or disgusting feelings to loved ones. On Snapchat young people use it frequently to express annoyance with their friends or loved ones.

How to use KMS in your chat?

Using the KMS in your chats on Snapchat depends on your conditions to show someone boredom, irritation or sadness etc.

Here, We are mentioning a few examples to make it easy for you to understand, and it may also help to use it in your Chats on Snapchat.

Example 1: Suppose you have a headache and want to express your feelings to your friend: “ I have had a headache since last night. I Just want to KMS.”

Example 2: If you are worried about your studies and cannot find the time to study, you can tell your friend, “I have tried everything to make a routine for study, but could not, I want to KMS.”

When to use KMS in Chats on Snapchat?

You can use the KMS in different situations on KMS. However, we have listed a few common situations when you can use KMS on Snapchat.

  • To show the deep frustrations
  • You can also use it to express uncomfortably
  • It may also be used for expressing dramatic feelings
  • You can use the KMS to express anger
  • It is also used to express sadness

How to respond if someone says “ KMS” on snapchat?

Response to the slang “ KMS” on Snapchat will differ depending on the situation. 

Suppose your friend asks you “KMS” as a joke, then you can reply to it in a funny way. However, if the condition is serious and you can help then talk to the press, ask him to express his feelings and give him the right advice. 

But if it is not possible for you to handle the situation like someone is suffering from the disease, give him courage and recommend him to some doctor. It may help them to get out of the situation.

What are some other possible meanings of KMS?

There can be a few to hundreds, depending on the situation. However, in common here we have listed a few other possible meanings of KMS.

  • If you are talking about some distances, then the KMS can be used for “ Kilometers.”
  • It can also be used as a Key Management system when you talk to a computer

Final Words

KMS is a popular term that is used widely on different social media platforms. On Snapchat its meaning is “ Kill Myself.” However, there can be different meanings depending on the situation. So, before understanding the meanings you should understand the situation because it may be used for Key management systems or kilometers etc.


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