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What does it mean ‘something went wrong please try again’ [ Easy Fixes]


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If you are a routine internet user, you may experience this message “Something went wrong, please try again” on different platforms. If the message appears, you cannot proceed until the error is fixed. Why does it happen to you?

Wrong date or time, cache files, Google Play service issues, account sync and restrictions to specific apps are the major causes of that issue. However, sometimes you may experience this due to poor internet connection, data usage restrictions and updates for an app.

To learn the detailed way to fix the problem, stay with us. We will explore several ways to solve the issue for you.

Why do I see “ Something Went Wrong Please Try Again” Error?

You may see this message on your mobile screen for various reasons. Here we have listed the few most occurring causes for this issue.

  • You may experience this due to the wrong Date or time
  • A weak internet connection may be the culprit of this issue
  • It also occurs when you have Cache files on your storage
  • You may blocked or no permission allowed to you for the specific apps
  • It can also be due to disabling the Google Play services
  • Account Sync can be the culprit for this issue
  • Your Google account may be logged out
  • You may restrictions for Data Usage
  • It may also happen due to pending updates for the specific app

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How to Fix the “ Something went wrong please try again” error?

  • Check for Date and Time

First check your device date and time. Make sure the date and time are okay and correct. However, it may be wrong for several reasons. If you see the date or time is wrong. Go to date and time settings on your device and make it correct. Once you have corrected it, try to browse on the internet and ensure the error disappears.

  • Verify Internet Connection

Your internet connection should be strong and properly connected. Sometimes, when your connection is lost or becomes weak, it can cause a “ something went wrong, please try again” error. So, check your internet connection first and ensure it is connected properly. Speed is also okay. If there is an issue, first resolve the issue and then try again to ensure the problem has been resolved.

  • Cache files issues

Caches on your storage may fill the storage, and you may not have space to install new software or apps on your device. Check for the caches; you can install cleaning apps to clean up the cache files from your device. Once you have cleaned it, try again.

  • Check for Google Play services

Your Google Play service may have issues for various reasons, such as you may have disabled it, or your account is logged out. So first check and ensure you are logged in; if not, first login it. If it was logged, check for the disability; if you have disabled the services, enable it. After that, test and ensure the problem has been removed.

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  • Check for Apps Update

Your apps may also have pending updates. So, if you are facing this issue on a specific app, check for this app’s update. If there is an update, first update the app and then try again to ensure the problem has been removed.

  • Remove Data usage restrictions 

You may have data usage restrictions for a specific app you are using and facing this issue. Check it through the settings menu. Go to settings and then the apps menu. From the list, choose the app and then open the app info. From the app info, remove the data usage restrictions and test and ensure the “ something went wrong, please try again” error is removed.

Final Thoughts

It is very frustrating when you want to continue but restricted with a message “ something went wrong please try again.” It can happen for various reasons we have explained in detail in the above blog. However, no need to be worried because we have also shared with you easy ways to fix this problem. So, check for the issues one by one and once identified, fix it accordingly to enjoy hassle free proceeding. 


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