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How to change the shipping address on Amazon?


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Address on Amazon is essential to get the shipment at your desired location. But sometimes, you may need to change the address for a specific shipment. If it needs to change the shipping address on Amazon?

To change your shipping address on Amazon, follow these simple steps. However, you may need to follow a few steps if using different platforms, such as a web browser or Amazon app.

To learn the correct ways to change the address to get the shipment at the correct address, read the instructions in the blog below and follow them.

Can you change your shipping address on Amazon?

Amazon is the best place to shop for any product. But once you shop from Amazon on your address, it might be possible you need to change the shipping address. Changing the address address is possible. As an Amazon customer, you can change your shipping address directly from the home page. 

Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow customers to change their shipping address when the order is shipped. In such cases, you should immediately contact the Amazon help center to change your address.

How To Change the Shipping Address on Amazon?

If you want to change your shipping address on Amazon, don’t worry. You can do it by the step-by-step instructions below:

Method 1: Change the Shipping address on the Mobile

If you are using Amazon on mobile, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Login to Amazon profile

First of all you need to login to your account on Amazon. Open the Amazon homepage and sign in to your account. It will ask you to enter your account details to login. enter the correct details to open the account homepage.

Step 2: Go to order menu

Once you are landed into your account, the next thing is to go to the Order menu to find the specific order you want to change the shipping address. Look for the ” Return & Orders” menu on the homepage. Once found click on the ” Your Order” you may need to scroll through the dropdown list.

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Step 3: Locate the Order

Once you access the settings, find the specific order you want to change the shipping address. After locating the order, go to the order details to change the address.

Step 4: Open the Order Details

Now it’s your turn to edit your shipping address. Click “View or edit order” or “View order details” to access the order details page.

Step 5: Change the Shipping Address

Look for the edit option under the current shipping address. Once you see an option named “change” or “edit,” click on this option.

Step 6: Select New Shipping Address

When you click the edit option, the page will display your Amazon address book. Choose the address you would like to ship to by clicking on “Ship to this address.”

Step 7: Confirm Payment Information

You can be prompted to confirm your credit card information and billing address to ensure the security of the transaction.

Method 2: Change the shipping address on the Desktop

Step 1: Open the web browser

First, go to your PC or laptop and open the preferred browser. 

Step 2: Login Amazon Account

Then, search for the official Amazon website in the search column. Open the official website, log in with your Amazon account, and go to the settings. 

Step 3: Tap to Your Addresses

Once logged in to your account, click on “Accounts & Lists,” which is located in the upper-right corner of the page.

Step 4: Access Your Addresses

In the “Ordering and shopping preferences” section, click on “Your addresses.” When you click on the “your address” option, it will show you a book of addresses.

Step 5: Manage Your Address Book

To change your shipping address, select the address from the provided book. Amazon also allows the customization of address books. It allows the customers to change, edit, remove, or delete their shipping address for the address book.

Step 6: Save the changed address

So, enter your desired address and save it as a shipping address. You may double-check your changes for confirmation.

What happens if you put the incorrect shipping address on Amazon?

If you provide the wrong shipping address, your package may be misdelivered or returned to the sender. Your wrong address may result in a delay in your Amazon order. Amazon product sellers may demand additional shipping charges or even loss of the item. 

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Most shipping carriers will attempt to correct the address or notify you of the issue, but there’s no guarantee of successful delivery. To avoid this, double-check the address before confirming your order.

If you realize the mistake after shipping, immediately contact the carrier or retailer to update the address. Some companies offer address correction services for a fee, but prevention through accurate input remains the best practice.

Why did Amazon charge for a Canceled order?

Amazon may charge for a canceled order due to several reasons. 

  • One common reason is that the order was already in the process of being fulfilled or shipped when you delivered the request for cancellation.
  • Amazon might charge you after canceling Amamzon’s order if the item was custom-made or personalized.
  • Amazon may apply charges to cover production expenses. 
  • If the cancellation violates Amazon’s policies or terms of service, such as excessive cancellations or abuse of the system, fees may be imposed as a deterrent.

Can you change the shipping time on Amazon?

Amazon is an incredible and affordable place to shop. It serves multiple offers to its customers. Among all its incredibilities, amazon also allows its shoppers to change shipping times on Amazon.

  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to the “Your Orders” section.
  • Find the order you want to adjust.
  • Select “Change Shipping Speed.” 
  • Follow the instructions to select a new delivery option that fits your needs. 

Final Words

If you want to get a shipment to a specific address, you will need to change the shipping address on Amazon. If you follow the correct ways and steps, it is not a complex task. We explored simple steps that you can follow to change on a browser or an app. Read and follow them to change the address. 


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