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How to share location with friends on Android?


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Sharing location is an excellent feature, but it has become essential and very beneficial nowadays. You are going to meet someone for the first time or are planning to meet your friends at a specific location, you can call them at the correct place only by sharing the location.

However, when talking about sharing location, the only thing that comes to mind is the Google app, but there are many other ways to share location with friends. Today, we will teach you some easy ideas to share the location, including through the google app. 

Ways to share Location with Friends on Android

You have many ways to share the location on an Android device. Here is the list of the few most common ways that you can use to share the location in a couple of minutes.

Method 1: How to share location via Google Maps?

Google Maps is one of the most authentic ways to share your location with your family or friends. It is widely used worldwide, and millions of people benefit daily from this software. Furthermore, you can use this app on both Android and iOS devices. Follow the simple steps below and share location with friends.

  • Find and open the Google Maps app on your Android or iOs devices
  • Next, click on your profile picture; if you do not have the picture, check for your initial at the top right corner. 
  • After that, tap on “ Location share and then Share location.” Here, you can choose how long you want to share your location.
  • You can share the location with people who are included in your Gmail; you can send them an email. However, if they do not have gmail, you can copy the location link and share it with anyone using any of the apps or via message.

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Method 2: How to share location via Find My?

Here is another reliable app, “Find My,” which is suitable with all iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. It is fast and easy to use.

  • Open the “ Find My” app on your phone and choose the people with whom you want to share the location. 
  • Next, choose the “ Start Sharing location.” here, enter the name and number of the person you want to share the location with them.
  • Press send to send the location. Here, you can share how long you want to share the location. Once selected, press “OK” to confirm.

Method 3: How to share location via Facebook Messenger?

You may not know it before, but you canshare location using Facebook Messenger. Follow the simple steps below and share your location on Facebook Messenger with your friends. But remember, you can only use this approach on iOS or Android.

  • Open the messenger on your device and then go to the relevant conversation, and chat with the person to whom you want to send the location.
  • Locate the four dots in the chat; if it is for location, tap on it. It may ask you to allow your messenger to take your location; if you see this message, allow it.
  • On the location menu, tap the blue bar that says, share your live location. Search for the location you want to share in the search bar. Once you find the location, share or drag the live location. But keep in mind it is only shared for an hour.

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Method 4: How to share your location via WhatsApp?

You can share location with friends using WhatsApp Messenger. If the person to whom you want to share the location uses WhatsApp, you can also use it to share the location on an Android or iOS device. Follow the simple steps given below.

  • Open your WhatsApp and then go to the chat tab
  • You can share location via WhatsApp with an individual or group
  • Now, at the bottom left, tap the plus icon; however, if you are using an Android device, look for the paperclip icon at the bottom right
  • Then choose the location and click “ Send your current location for a snapshot.” it will take your current location. Here, you can mention the time to share the location. You have the option to choose between 15 minutes and 8 hours. 

Method 5: Share location via Emergency SOS on Android

Another best way to share your location is using the emergency SOS feature. Follow the steps below to share the location.

  • Go to your Android settings, then go to location to ensure your emergency location service is On. It will help you to share your emergency location when you dial an emergency number. 
  • Then go to settings, and next to the phone, tap emergency contacts. It is better to add the contact you want to share the location.
  • Tap on share location, and your location will be shared with the saved numbers.

Final Thoughts:
You can use the location sharing feature to share location with friends to meet them at the exact place. It saves time by creating no confusion. Google maps app is one of the reliable sources for sharing location; however, there are also a few other platforms that can help you to share your location. In the above guide, we have shared 5 easy methods you can use either of them to share your location. But remember, all these methods are only applicable to Android or iOS devices.


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