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Why can’t I download Snapchat?


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Snapchat has become one of the top choices for sharing snaps and videos. Millions of users use this App to have fun and communicate with friends. If you have not, you should download it to your device. Usually, there is no issue; however, sometimes you may be unable to download Snapchat. Why can’t you download Snapchat?

Poor or improper internet connection, outdated versions of the app store and no storage space are the most common causes for this issue. However, if you have checked for these but issues still exist, also check for caches, locked Google accounts and Snapchat services.

In our guide below, we will explain all the possible causes and ways to fix these issues. Let’s get it started.

Why can you not download Snapchat?

When you are facing a problem downloading Snapchat, there can be several reasons. However, we have listed a few major problems that may make you unable to download Snapchat.

  • Your connection may be weak or not connected
  • Your App Store or Google Play Store have an outdated version
  • Storage has no space to keep the App
  • Accumulation of Caches on your device
  • You may have locked your Google Account
  • Snapchat may be down or on maintenance

Easy Ways to Fix Can not download Snapchat

  • Check for Internet Connection

Your internet connection should be properly connected, and there should not be an issue of speed. Check for your internet connection; if you are connected through SIM, make sure the data is on. However, if you are using WiFi, check and ensure the WiFi is connected correctly. Sometimes, a weak internet connection can be the cause of the problem. So, check and ensure there is no network issue. When the connection issue is solved, recheck the app and ensure you can now download it now.

  • Check for App Store update

Apps keep updating over time to add new features or fix the issues updates are made. If there is an update on the App Store, but you forget, it may make it unable to download the apps. So, check for the app store update and update it if needed. Then, check the test and ensure there is no issue with downloading Snapchat to your phone.

  • Ensure enough Storage Space

If you have no storage space and your device memory is full, you cannot download the Snapchat. So, when experiencing this issue, check for the storage space and make sure you have at least double the free space than the actual size of the Snapchat. Check for the installed apps or other data on your phone if the space is low. You should delete unnecessary files or apps to make a storage space for installing Snapchat. Once you have deleted the unwanted files and ensure there is enough space, try again and ensure the App downloads properly on your phone.

  • Accumulation of Caches

Caches are one of the major issues for different issues on a device. Suppose you have cache files on your device; you cannot see them, but they take up the space, and you cannot download the new apps. So, it is essential to delete the caches from your device. To remove the chances, you will need to install the Cleaner software; once you have downloaded it, run the scanner and scan the caches on your device. After scanning, remove all the scanned caches and ensure the space is clean now. After cleaning, test and ensure the app is properly downloaded to your phone.

  • Locked Google Account

Sometimes, due to a few violations, your account may be restricted and unable to be downloaded. Check for your account, and if you are restricted, log into another account and download Snapchat using the new account.

  • Check for Snapchat Service

Sometimes, there is no issue on your side; it is from Snapchat. It needs routine maintenance and updates when your App may be down. If the Snapchat services are down, you will also be unable to download it on your phone. To verify, you can check your friend’s phone. If the services are down, wait until the services are up. Now try it and ensure Snapchat is downloading correctly on your phone.

Final Words

Snapchat is a good app for everyone, especially those who love to take snaps and share with friends. However, if you want to have fun but cannot download it on your phone, it may happen for various reasons. Check for all possible causes and fix the issue according to the problem identified. Once the issue is resolved, test and ensure you can download the Snapchat on your phone.


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