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How to get Snapchat Insights?


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Snapchat Insights helps to engage with your users and make your content according to your community standards. How to get Snapchat Insights?

Open the app and go to your Snapchat account. Then go to the Bitmoji and from here Get the Insights. Once click on Get Insights, confirm your action. However, you may need to follow a little different process if used on Desktop.

For learning the process completely keep reading the blog below. We will teach you the ways to get Insights using Mobile or Desktop devices.

What is Snapchat Insight?

Snapchat Insight is a set of tools and analytics. It helps Snapchat users to engage with their content and level up their community. Every Snapchat user can use Snapchat Insight to get new engagements, views, and impressions for story posts. 

Snapchat Insight allows Snapchatters to see the number of people engaged in their stories and posts. It enables the users to see how many people see their posts and when in a single day. 

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This Snapchat feature allows users to access their search results, live stories, and posts. Every user can trace their location, interests, demographics, and devices with Snapchat’s audience Insights.

How to get Snapchat Insight?

Snapchat Insights is an effective way to track your content and eCommerce metrics. But to achieve these goals, it is important to get them first. If you want to get Snapchat Insight, don’t worry. It is simple but slightly different to locate on Mobile and Desktop. Follow the guide below:

Way 1: Getting Snapchat Insight on Mobile

Sep 1: Download Snapchat

Before starting the procedure, download Snapchat on your device. If you have an iPhone, go to the App Store. But, if you have an Android device, download the app from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Open the app

After completing the download, log the app to your account. Then, open the app on your device.

Step 3: Go to the “Bitmoji”

Once you can access Snapchat, look at the left corner of the page and tap on the “Bitmoji” option. It will take you to the home page.

Step 4: Get Insights

Then, find the “Insight” icon on the home screen and get your Snapchat insight.

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Note: Remember that you can get Snapchat Insights only with a verified account. And also if you have 1000+ followers.

Way 2: Getting Snapchat Insight on the Desktop

Step 1: Open the app

First of all, open the Snapchat app on the web browser. 

Step 2: Login

Once you have opened your Snapchat account, log in to the Ads Manager Account.

Step 3: Open the Settings

After logging in, go to settings and open the main menu of settings. Then, look for the “Audience Insight” icon.

Step 4: Tap on “Audience Insight”

Look at the Analytic tab and tap on the “Audience Insight.” 

Step 5: Enter the Info

Then, add your information along with the audience locations, information, devices, and demographics. 

Step 6: Tap on “Save”

At the end, tap on “save” to complete the process and save the information.

Which metrics help you track Snapchat insights?

Snapchat Insight is used to enhance business on Snapchat. It offers a suite of metrics to determine the performance of your Snapchat marketing efforts and understand your audience better. Below are some key metrics that help Snapchat users to track Snapchat Insight:

  1. Story Views: This metric reveals the number of users who have viewed your story in a whole day. Monitoring trends in unique story views over time helps you assess the effectiveness of your content strategy.
  2. View Time: Snapchat Insights lets you track the total duration your stories are viewed, providing insights into audience engagement beyond the default three-second visibility.
  3. Story view percentage: This metric measures the percentage of users who watched your story. It indicates the level of audience retention and engagement with your content.
  4. Screenshots: By monitoring screenshot metrics, you can identify the most captivating content that prompts users to take screenshots, offering valuable insights into audience preferences.
  5. Fallout Rate: The fallout rate signifies the percentage of users who disengage from your story before completion. This feature helps you evaluate content relevance and audience engagement.
  6. Content Consumption: Snapchat Insights furnishes data on the performance of different types of content. It empowers you to tailor your strategy based on audience preferences and viewing habits.
  7. Camera Usage: Tracking camera usage provides insights into the popularity of AR lenses and filters among your audience, including usage frequency, preferred filters, and peak usage times.


Getting Snapchat Insights can improve your user experience. However, make sure you know the process and have downloaded them properly. For help, you can consider the information we have provided you in the above blog. If you have any query please ask us in the comment section. We will appreciate your response.

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How to get Snapchat Insights? Depending on your available devices follow the simple steps and get insights for your Snapchat to enjoy a smooth experience.


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